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BabyTodash Ticket

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In-Game Username: BabyTodash and dcwalker99


Server: Stoneblock 2


Briefly Describe the Issue: 

After many hours of breeding cows, I was just getting finished and finally had my first infinity cow. After a little I went to check on them and to breed them to try to get the second infinity cow that I needed only to find that every animal was dead. 

After further inspection and talking to staff members who were on the server, a /killall was ran killing all of the passive animals on the server and thus removing every single one of my fluid cows. 


Have You Experienced This Issue Before? Explain: No. 


If You Are Requesting a Refund, List Items Here: 

The following fluid cows:

One of the following: Milk, Water, Seared Stone, Pink Slime, Purple Slime, Molten Clay, Liquifacted Coal, Molten Steel, Molten Dark Steel, Molten End Steel, Molten Iron, Molten Lead, Molten Gold, Molten Silver, Molten Demon Metal, Resonant Ender, Energetic Silver, Melodic Alloy, Molten Lead, and Destabilized Redstone

A bunch Molten Knightslime, Liquid Death, Stellar Alloy, Evil Infused Iron

One Molten Infinity cow


If You Have Proof or Demonstration, Attach Here:


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