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  1. What is your Minecraft username: SoulButter What is your Discord Name and ####: SoulButter#9261 Which server are you applying for: Ultimate Reloaded How old are you: 19 What is your country (Example: USA): Australia How long do you plan on playing each day: Ranges due to University & Work. Aim for 4-7 hours a day. How often are you available on Discord: I'm available mostly whenever I'm not in class or working, I have the mobile app so I am reachable most of the time. Do you plan to be in voice chat/Do you have a microphone: Yes, I have a mic on my PC when home playing. Then I have my mobile when out-and-about as well as when I'm gaming on my laptop. Yes I can be active in the voice chat also. How long have you been a part of the NTG community: Just over a week. How long have you been playing on the server you are applying for: Just over a week. Do you have any previous staff experience (List): Previous experience as Moderator for Vanilla LC (Legendary Craft) and LC Prison. Admin for LC Tekkit also. Why would you like to be staff: I like to engage with players and help where I can. Although I'm new back to modded Minecraft as of only recently after a year or so break, I have already picked up a reasonable chunk of the mainstream areas of most packs. With that I can help out new(ish) players getting started as well as engaging with other players and staff to learn new areas too. Being able to support players with help gives them a more enjoyable experience and in return makes me have a better experience playing too. What goals do you have (both for this network and in your life) You do not need to be too personal just help us know you better. To expand the Modded Minecraft multiplayer scene especially for one of the main 'Kitchen-Sink' modpacks as its a great starting point for a lot of new players. With an expanded player-base, the Ultimate Reloaded server can expand from a medium sized group into a complete community. I'd like to see the growth as well as give my help when needed to the established staff members to help them reach their goals of the server too. What motivates you to play and help players: Being able to see the growth of a player from being a Vanilla player and turning into another Direwolf20 gives me satisfaction. It shows me that the individual has enjoyed their time. I want to and like to see all the different creations players have made because it's their creative minds at work. I don't want players to feel not welcome at the NTG Ultimate Reloaded server because no one is helping them or engaging with them. Avoiding this includes always welcoming a new player to the server which I have always seen a minimum of two players welcoming. that I love. That is what makes for a holistic and enjoyable experience from the minute you join NTG. Describe one thing you think could be improved about our network or a server in particular: 1. I've seen this on other survival servers, an improved /rtp system. Currently it teleport's players to a random location (of course), however other servers have had a plug in which would give individuals the power to choose which biome they'd like to teleport to. I feel this is an addition that could make for a better first experience when you consider the fact that the modpack includes significantly more biomes than vanilla. 2. I'm aware that Bucky has been working on it so I wont touch on it a lot, but an expanded Admin Item shop for players. Currently there isn't many uses for money within the server at this point in time besides ranking up and trading with players. Working on that would be a great QoL improvement. Adding to this suggestion, including not only a 'Buy' option for players but also a 'Sell' sign too. For players starting out and endgame players, this would significantly help. However with the amount of Auto-Farms that can be created, working into the plug-in a 'Sell Cap' for the day where someone can sell only so much of an item.
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