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  1. What is your Minecraft username: MyLordBelial What is your Discord Name and #### (Example: Darnyball#6351): MyLordBelial#6666 Which server are you applying for: Stoneblock 2 How old are you: 18 Years Old. What is your country (Example: USA): USA How long do you plan on playing each day: I usually play 4-6 hours a day but with work it fluctuates. I try and be as active as I possibly can. How often are you available on Discord: Always available. Do you plan to be in voice chat/Do you have a microphone: I do plan on being in Voice Chat, I have a functioning mic with backups in case any fail. How long have you been a part of the NTG community: I have been since I believe the beginning of December, I first started playing on Sky Adventures and finished that pack then moved to Stoneblock 2 when it was updated. How long have you been playing on the server you are applying for: I have 3 days of in game time, and have played since the server was updated from Stoneblock 1 to Stoneblock 2, not sure of exact time. Do you have any previous staff experience (List): I have previous server experience, I used to own a server that pulled in an average of 10-15 players daily for about 5 months, then shut it down because I couldn't afford to keep it running. I was Moderator on another Vanilla server a few years back and a modded pixelmon server from around the same time. Why would you like to be staff: I would like to be staff because I have knowledge of players, I have experience with cheaters, people duping and helping the community. I would like to be able to make the community stronger and grow. I have patience to deal with younger more "unruly" players and handle them accordingly. What goals do you have (both for this network and in your life) You do not need to be too personal just help us know you better. My goals are mainly to just move on with my job and move up in my company, I want to help guide the server get better plugins, assist in fixing dupes and other exploits and help get rid of anyone exploiting the system so it is a nice fair experience for everyone. What motivates you to play and help players: I like to be able to build friendships with players and be able to make sure their play time is as uncomplicated and enjoyable as possible. I really like being able to help and have people be in better moods. Describe one thing you think could be improved about our network or a server in particular: I think the Stoneblock 2 server has some TPS issues here and there, and that my just be because of the huge player base, but I feel it can be fixed easily. I also think having more active staff to help would be good. Many times I have been on and haven't been able to get help.
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