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    Staff Application Format

    Hello, I am positive that after playing at Night Time Gaming for a little while, many of you are interested in becoming staff. You can find the format down below and just make a new topic in the Staff Application Forum with your application, but remember that the requirement for being staff is one week of being at Night Time Gaming, and make sure to review and reply to other applications, Staff Applications will be judged based of the player's interaction and how involved they are with the community. Try to be active with other players and staff, along with being involved with events. If your application is messy and not neat it will automatically be declined. Keep the questions a different color than answers. (Example: What is you IGN (In-Game Name)?: Darnyball) Staff Application Format: What is your Minecraft username: What is your Discord Name and #### (Example: Darnyball#6351): Which server are you applying for: How old are you: What is your country (Example: USA): How long do you plan on playing each day: How often are you available on Discord: Do you plan to be in voice chat/Do you have a microphone: How long have you been a part of the NTG community: How long have you been playing on the server you are applying for: Do you have any previous staff experience (List): Why would you like to be staff: What goals do you have (both for this network and in your life) You do not need to be too personal just help us know you better. What motivates you to play and help players: Describe one thing you think could be improved about our network or a server in particular:
  2. Darnyball

    Welcome Message

    Dear New Comers, Welcome to the Night Time Gaming Network's very own Forums! This is where you can submit tickets, talk with players, or even apply for staff once your comfortable and been here awhile. Make sure to join our Discord and make sure to socialize a bit and talk to other players. We are proud to have a nice community with helpful players and the staff will help you with any issues you have, just make a ticket or direct message them. We currently run multiple Minecraft servers, both modded and vanilla, and are planning multiple servers on different games in the near future. Welcome to the NTGClan Community! Yours Truly, Darnyball and the Staff Team!