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  1. Approved dm me in discord
  2. Please dm me on discord to get a refund i can give u items from console
  3. u should have dmed me with this post dm me when your on and i can help
  4. dm me to get one? for now .... i could add a traid shop for all the things to make it at spawn if u want
  5. i might bring it back ...
  6. please dm me on discord when your on and i will fix this issue if this still is an issue
  7. im making a pack just like Life in the village i will make a forums section soon for it and all the info u can want on it
  8. i tested a RAD server and it was broken u had to run a command every time to make quests work or none would show up ... i can do farming valley i'll add both
  9. i will do any pack for 1.12.2 as that is how we run our servers atm .... on sponge not bukkit i can add one if want to suggest any
  10. voting ends jan 31st ask any questions ..
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