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    Nemo's Staff Aplication

    By Nemo,

    What is your Minecraft username: Nemo24747

    What is your Discord Name and #### Nemo#5281

    Which server are you applying for: Stoneblock2

    How old are you: 14 

    What is your country (Example: USA): Canada 

    How long do you plan on playing each day: 2 hours 

    How often are you available on Discord: 3 pm est - 10 pm est 

    Do you plan to be in voice chat/Do you have a microphone: yes

    How long have you been a part of the NTG community: 1- 2 weeks

    How long have you been playing on the server you are applying for: 1 - 2 weeks

    Do you have any previous staff experience (List):No

    Why would you like to be staff: To help people who have been victim to scams and stuff

    What goals do you have (both for this network and in your life) You do not need to be too personal just help us know you better. to keep the tps as healthy as possible

    What motivates you to play and help players: just the thought of helping people does 

    Describe one thing you think could be improved about our network or a server in particular: i've been noticing at least lately that every once in a while tps drops so much that the game becomes unplayable and i would like to find out why and stop it, it might already be fixed when you're reading this but i do not know 

    Twilight Forest - Carminite Acclimation Achievement

    By Loerem,


    Project Ozone 3

    I defeated the Phantom Knight in the Ruins but the achievement was not given to me, and is stopping me from progressing in both Twilight Forest mod, and in the ArmorPlus Mod as it requires fur later in the Twilight Forest mod. Is someone able to give me the achievement or reset the boss?



    Jetpacks uncraftable

    By Slyklaw,

    Let's see if this spanky forum works. The jetpacks (and quests) are un-doable since the fluxducts are disabled. Solution?

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