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Re-do Server Partitions :P down time for a while ...

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#1 codydbgt Posted 10 May 2016 - 05:19 AM


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atm we only have 250gb but we should have 500gb so im making that happen :D every thing should go smooth

wish me luck! ill be posting updates so keep an eye on the site :D


ALSO people can't register cause the site license is needing reactivation i plan on doing that soon! 


UPDATE: so tried to dl the stuff to my hdd and thought hummmm why not try the backup storage i get for free ... so i do ... and turns out its quite simple to mount it as a drive though the speed for uploading still hasn't improved too much as i can DL at 100mbs the transfer is going at about 100+mbps on average so a bit faster than my home connection. but my home connection can not upload as fast only ... 22 mbs while reading from my back up to my server i can grab files from my backup at 500+mbs :D so a lot faster though time has run out for me and i must sleep the server will be back up before tomorrow :D i can guarantee it!  if not late tonight! 


UPDATE 2: files on the backup and im reinstalling the OS


update 3: server is up 12:22 pst :D


re added Bibliocraft 

re added sync mod 

re added betterstorage

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