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#1 Guest_McIsTheLimit_* Posted 26 February 2015 - 08:42 PM

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While Playing On NTG You may sometimes do things and then regret it later on, well here are some things that you should know:


1) We Don't Refund anything on factions, so stop asking. Factions is hardcore. which means a loss is a loss. We have 2 other servers which are not hardcore.


2) Somethings may not work, don't worry, let the staff know and we will take care of it as soon as possible if it is a problem that isn't suppose to be occuring ^.^.


3) While going into/in a witchery dimension, DON'T use /home, /spawn, or /tpa (only if the other player is not in the same world as you are), it will overwrite your normal world data meaning it will reset your Over World inventory and some data, with that of the witchery one, so PLEASE, get out of the witchery dimension using the way the mod wants you to leave so that there will be no conflict.


4) Riding Dinos will crash you because they suck. So DON'T RIDE THEM because they Smell!!!!!


5) If your home chunk or any chunk you know of gets corrupted, Let a staff Member know ASAP so we can fix it!


6) If you keep crashing when joining one of the servers try using the crash fix signs located next to the servers portal and that should fix your problem, if not let us know and we will see what we can do for you.


7) Don't Put Tropics Water into a tank!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't even say how many times people have told us that they crashed from doing that, so do us a favor and PLEASE just use common sense while playing.


8) Until we change the shop setup, some shops require a donor rank, and so when it says you need *Insert Name Here* to use that shop, it just means you need that donor rank.


9) Dragons Unlike Dinos, Don't Crash You ^.^, so they do not smell bad : D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10) Don't Change Your Name!!!!!!!!!! 1.6 Doesn't support the Mojang name change: therefore, You will not have the same player data as before.


11) DON'T put all your stuff on an airship, it will go *Poof* Airships are pretty buggy, they can disappear or get perma stuck inside walls. DONT risk your stuff on an airship!


12) DON'T Use The Sync Mod, Its Buggy And Will Delete Your Inventory Upon Switching Between Clones.


13) To Add People to a list of Players that May enter your strong boxes when its on Restricted use the command /cofh friend gui


14) If you feel there should be something added to this list feel free to /msg me in game, tell me on TeamSpeak (IP: TS.NTGclan.com), or pm me on here.  :D  :) 


15) Check The Sign board in the lobby for info like this to keep updated on things as well.

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#2 KingShiv Posted 15 August 2015 - 04:14 PM



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You used to be able to win items how do you do it now?

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